Life on the old farm

Exploring an old farm. Pupils learn how people and animals lived together under one roof. After many insights, butter is churned.

Grades:1st to 4th grade
Duration:90 minutes
German price:€ 8,50 per pupil                                   
Price for other languages:€ 9,0 per pupil              
No. of participants:at least 12 pupils per group
Languages:German  EnglishFrenchSpanish
Practical part:Churn butter                                                                                                     

The mighty farmsteads of the Black Forest Open Air Museum are a dwelling house, stable and barn all in one. They are called single-roof houses because they once housed people, animals and the entire supply of food under one roof.

Until the 20th century, the farm community, consisting of extended family and servants, earned all the necessities of life itself. Animals were indispensable in this system: without a cow there was no milk, without a pig there was no bacon, without a chicken there were no eggs, without a goose there were no feathers, without a horse or ox there were no wagons, ploughs or carriages.

When exploring an old farm, the pupils become acquainted with all our animals. Like everywhere else around such a farm, there is a lot to learn and discover. After they have seen how tedious stable and kitchen work once was, the pupils are finally allowed to do some work themselves.

Practical part:
They are allowed to churn butter themselves with a glass butter churn and immediately process it for spreading. The only thing left to do is to taste the result of the work. We wish them a good appetite.