About us

Facts and numbers about the Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof.

    • The Black Forest Open Air Museum is a forum for the entire Black Forest region.
    • It carries out research projects and explores the cultural heritage and development of all rural areas in the Black Forest.
    • The museum collects and preserves for the future important cultural assets from the Black Forest to ensure that the people of the region and visitors can access and experience these collections.
    • In this way, the Open Air Museum contributes to the promotion and preservation of the region's cultural identity.
    • Visitors should experience an informative, varied museum.
  • Governing authorityOwn operation of the district of Ortenaukreis                                        
    Museum's areaaround 7 hectares
  • With more than 220.000 visitors during its seven-month season, the museum is one of the most visited open-air museums in Germany and throughout Europe. The museum is a very important tourist attraction in the Black Forest. 

    Since its opening, the museum has attracted over 16 million visitors.

  • The Black Forest open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof is the only museum that makes it possible to experience the rural cultural history of the entire Black Forest with all your senses.

  • Origin of the museum's visitors
    ca. 70 %             Germany
    ca. 30 %Foreign countries
    Focal points: Netherlands, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Israel                  


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