How to get here

You can get here by car or by train.
 Please note: Our museum is located in Gutach/Schwarzwaldbahn, 
not in Gutach Breisgau.

Bollenhut-Käfer vor dem Vogtsbauernhof

Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof

77793 Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn)
ATTENTION: NOT Gutach Breisgau

Navigation: 77793 Gutach, Wählerbrücke

  • The Vogtsbauernhof Open-Air Museum is located directly on the B33 between Hausach and Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn). There are sufficient car and coach parking spaces available.

    Navigation: 77793 Gutach, Wählerbrücke

    Note for motorcyclists: You can lock up your clothes and helmets in the entrance area.


    We wish you a safe ride!

  • The Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof has its own stop right in front of the entrance hall. 

    The train ("Ortenau S-Bahn") stops at “Gutach Freilichtmuseum” once every hour during museum hours and during christmas market.

    Please note
    You need to change in Hausach for the Hornberg train. The travel information on always gives the quickest connection. If the bus leaves earlier than the train, only the bus connection is shown. In order to see all connections, enter from “Hausach Bahnhof” to "Gutach Freilichtmuseum".

    The Schwarzwaldbahn Offenburg - Konstanz (train line from Offenburg to Constance) stops at Hausach, where you can change to the local Ortenau train. There is also a train from Hornberg to the Open Air Museum.

    In Hausach you can also to change to a public transport bus. Buses run by RVS (Südwestbus) go to Gutach/ Schwarzwaldbahn. The nearest stop is “Vogtsbauernhof”.

    Train ticket = reduction of price

    All visitors who come by train receive a discount on standard non-reduced admission fees. This discount is valid for all TGO tickets and the Baden-Württemberg Ticket (regional day ticket) but NOT for the Konus-Karte

    We are partners of bwegtPlus. If you present an up-to-date bwtarif ticket or student holiday ticket, you will receive the discount below:

    • € 11,00 instead of € 12,00 € for adults
    • € 5,00 € instead of € 6,50 € for children and adolescents (6 - 17 years)