Season 2023

Annual motto "WWW - World between forest and wine"
26th March to November 5th, 2023


The 2023 event programme vividly reflects the diversity of the Black Forest and the Ortenau district. The first half of the season is devoted to the museum's traditional range of themes, while the second half of the season is devoted to new themes. Like an axis of symmetry, the month of July, beginning with the inauguration of the "Ortenauhaus" building on 2 July, becomes a fixed month.

The program of events of the Black Forest Open-Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof is divided almost mathematically exactly into two halves. Until July, the programme will focus mainly on forestry and crafts, while the second half of the year will focus on wine.

Another component of the annual theme is the special exhibition in the Hermann-Schilli-Haus Special Exhibition Room, which can be seen throughout the season.