Das 1652 beim Neubauernhof in Gutach errichtete Leibgedinghaus war im Lauf der Jahre meist an Tagelöhner oder Handwerker verpachtet. 


The Leibgedinghaus was built in 1652 next to the Neubauernhof in Gutach. Over the years, it was leased to day labourers and craftsmen, but it was originally built for quite a different purpose. 

On taking over a farm, one was legally obliged to provide accommodation for the ‘retiring’ farmer and his wife – usually one’s aging parents, when they decided to make space for the younger generation and hand over their legacy. 

So, a Leibgedinghaus is a kind of ‘retirement cottage’. But one should forget the romantic image of the hale and hearty – and cherished – old farm couple who went on living for years in their little cottage. The reality was much more likely to be that between handing over the farm and appearing on the death register there was actually very little time in which to enjoy one’s autumn years.