The Hippenseppenhof was built in 1599 in Furtwangen-Katzensteig. It represents the Höhenhaus type of structure, and is the oldest Black Forest type of house 
we know of.


There were post-and-beam structures, with huge king posts rising right up from the ground to carry the roof ridge at the top. 
In addition the farm has been allotted as outbuildings a chapel and a storehouse.

The museum has an exhibition of clocks and wickerwork in the Hippenseppenhof, crafts that were very common in the area around Furtwangen.

The permanent exhibition “Black Forest cabinet” addresses frequently asked questions such as “Where does the Bollenhut come from?”, “What’s the Black Forest Gateaux all about?” and “How did the cuckoo get into the clock?” It invites you to go on a cultural and historical journey of discovery into the various Black Forest clichés.