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Wisdom of the past

An obstacle course of riddles and hurdles through which children find out just how much we could learn from the old farmers of this region.
One such example are the ‘Flattersäcke’ – literally ‘flutter sacks’ – that children make at the end of this activity. These toys made from leftover scraps of different materials demonstrate that the supposedly modern obsession with recycling and avoiding waste has always been just a normal part of life for people around here. You’ll be amazed how well the ‘flutter sacks’ fly, thereby inspiring a whole range of games and activities.

Girl having an idea
Age:3rd - 6th grades
Duration:120 minutes
Languages:German, English, French
Price:€ 8.50 p.p. (German) / € 9.00 p.p. (other languages)                                               
Participants:min. 12 per group