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All animals

Blind Cow, Stupid Chicken and Poor Sow: Old and new children's games invite you to animal fun.

Alter:from 4 Years
Dauer:90 Minutes
Preisinfo:€ 5.00 p.p. (German) / 5.50 € p.p. (other languages)
Teilnehmerzahl:12 to 20 children, 4 accompanying persons free.
Each additional accompanying person pays the group admission price.    
Sprachen:German, English, French
Kind beim füttern der Schafe

Just like on the farms in the past, today everything revolves around the animals. First of all, the real ones: Horses, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, geese, chickens. And once we've said hello in every stable and pasture, we drive around all the chickens that are standing there stupidly in the way with the wheelbarrow. We also know lots of other old games that somehow all have such nice animal names.