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Special Offers

On request, we are happy to design a special and unforgettable museum visit for large groups. Complement a special interest tour with one of our additional activities, or create your own, individual programme. For example, your tour could be accompanied by a girl dressed in the traditional local costume. You may like to build a real cuckoo pipe. Or perhaps you would like to a watch a traditional craftsman at work?


Duration:90 - 120 Minutes                                                                                     
Number of participants: 12 - 120 
Start: Guided tour in 1-4 groups
(max. 30 people per subgroup)
Visitor group with two young women wearing the famous red bubblehat

Followed by (per sub-groups):
a) Welcome by a traditional costume girl
b) 30 min. schnapps tasting and/or
c) 30 min. demonstration of a traditional craft (e.g. Bollen hat maker or straw shoe maker) and/or 
straw shoemaker) and/or
d) 30 min. butter churning & tasting on fresh farmhouse bread

To conclude in the whole group
a) Joint meal in the museum restaurant "Hofengel" or
b) Rustic snack in the parlour of the Falkenhof (max. 30 people)
c) A nightcap on a hay stage (Black Forest snacks and bottled beer, 20 persons or more).

You can also book a programme from the "special interest guided tours" or "Museum Discoveries" for your company outing.

Our visitor service is more than happy to help you with the individual planning from monday to friday:
Telephone: +49 (0)7831 - 46 79 3500
E-Mail: info@vogtsbauernhof.de