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Baking day

Enjoy a guided tour through the museum before getting down to work! 

Baking in the historic oven
Duration:Duration: 180 minutes
No. of participants:No. of participants: min. 12 persons, max. 30 per group
Languages:Languages: German, English, French
Price german:Price german: € 25 p. p.
Price other languages:Price other languages: €2 € p. p.
(incl museum admission, guided tour and snack)                                 

The bakehouse is warmed up and ready to bake; now it's time to roll up your sleeves and work that dough! Use your own hands to make lots of fine little "Datschkuchen" from a huge ball of dough. This Black Forest speciality tastes best when it has just come out of the oven. Enjoy!

Only on wednesday and friday!

A mask is required in the buildings (surgical mask or FFP2).

Please note the following information:
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