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Children's birthday

Celebrating a child’s birthday in the museum is a playful and exciting journey into the past.
For more information, please contact our visitors’ service from Monday to Friday: Telephone: +49 (0)7831 - 93 56 0 
E-Mail: info@vogtsbauernhof.de

Talking in riddles

Child with a magnifying glass

In the museum everything is real and we only tell the truth… Except that today we thought we’d make an exception and present our small visitors with all sorts of tall tales and riddles.

A deer’s head under the altar? A submarine that’s 300 years old? An ox which had to die for pulling the heaviest tree trunk out of the forest? A Roman rider who is very famous in the Black Forest although he was never here? A tree on which cherries grow in summer but apples grow in autumn? Of course, not all the stories that the children will hear in the museum today are true. Some are total fibs! But which ones? All children are warmly invited to have fun puzzling over this. And after all that thinking, they’re going to be hungry, too. So our birthday guests can churn their own butter for everyone to enjoy together.

Duration: 120 minutes
Participants: max. 20 children
Age: from the age 5 to 11
Languages: German, English
Price: up to 10 children 100 € (German) / 110 € (English)
                      11 to 20 children 130 € (German) / 140 € (English)

Please note the following information:
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